Friday, September 12, 2008

Almost Done

Our apartment is finally starting to feel like home. It is hard to believe that less than a month ago we received our shipment and our house was a disaster! Boxes and packing material everywhere, the smells of mold and cardboard permeated every corner, the walls were blank white with no hint of color, and the furniture...the foreign service furniture is to say this? It's blah!

We are almost done unpacking. There are pictures on the walls and books on the shelves. It is looking nice. There are only two rooms left to finish up. The loft and the guest room. I am supposed to be working on the upstairs loft which we are using as a kids play area. It still pretty much looks like it did the day we got the shipment, a big mess. I decided that blogging was a lot more fun! The mess will still be there when I am finished playing online.

I am hoping to work on the guest room this weekend. Perhaps it would be more acurate to say I am hoping to nag David and Cody in to hauling the boxes in the guest room to the store room in the basement. If you are a long time reader you know that our apartment is a third floor walk up. For those boxes to make it to the basement means going down 4 flights of stairs. It's a real workout.

Next week I will have a virtual tour up to show off our decorating. In the mean time I will give you a preview my two favorite spots in the house. Both are actually little nooks in the living room. I really like little nooks they add some interest to what would otherwise be one big square.

This is my office area. I sit here to blog during the day. At night I carry my MacBook to the couch to so I can sit next to my husband. Awww, aren't we sweet?
This is where I sit to read or do a bit of cross stitch when I get a chance. The only problem with this spot is I have to compete with the cats and kids for a place to sit. Everyone seems to like this spot.

See Bing sitting up high on his throne? He will suddenly and with out warning drop on your head before he stalks off. It can be quite shocking.  


Kash said...

Your cat is sooo cute! And I love the staircase. Looking good and very cozy.

Jae said...

That staircase is gorgeous!! And don't kitties make a home cozy? I love that... :)

Terio said...

Shannon, I am sure that the cats and I will get along just fine. I will share that corner with them. LOL! Actually, I am hoping they will share with me!!

Jenn said...

I agree with everyone else-I loove the staircase! Forget the nooks! I don't think you need to worry about the guest room for Mom, I'm sure she would do just fine sleeping on the cat tree with Bing! The house is starting to look lovely-you've been busy!

Aprille said...

It looks great! I'm still waiting to see what was in those odd shaped boxes from Jakarta!

The Right Blue said...

Lookin' good, Shannon. And Bing seems to have settled in quite nicely.