Monday, July 28, 2008

Crocs attacked by Escalator

We have been in DC for two days and we had our first run-in ever with the escalator monster. Mind you, our kids have been on and around escalators their entire lives and for the last two years the only shoes they have worn are Crocs. In the history of croc wearing in our family we have never had an escalator attack one of our kids Crocs. However today on our way back we had two attacks. The first attack was on the teal green Crocs that Alonzo was wearing. Luckily for Alonzo the Escalator was not that hungry and we were able to get him and the croc away from the escalator monster with only minor damage to the hind end of the croc.

It wasn’t but 10 minutes later that Colin’s blue crocs were attached by yet another escalator monster. This time the monster tried to attack from the side. It started to drag the Croc with Colin in-tow down to the depths. Luckily for Colin Dad reacted quickly and jumped to the rescue. No major damage to the foot just a few scratches. However the croc did not fair well. The side of the croc was ripped open and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hotel.

Services for the croc were held and tears were shed. But a lesson was learned by Alonzo and Colin because of these two events. They learned that you walk off of an escalator and you don’t put your foot next to the wall as you are going down or next time they might not be so lucky and the Escalator monster will not only eat the Croc but the foot that’s in it.


Terio said...

Does that mean you do NOT want Gray's crocs? LOL. I am glad that there were no injuries! Enjoy your last Two days in DC!

Randall said...

Reminds me of a TV program I saw years ago with a piece on escalator safety. Someone had invented a safety device that prevented such attacks, and escalator companies denied that they were necessary.

Which in turn reminds me of the movie "The Insider" and the cigarette company telling a congressional committee, "I believe that cigarettes are not harmful to people's health."

Jae said...

LMAO! Oh Shannon!! I'm so sorry ... rest in piece(s) sweet Crocs!! My gosh, Ronin is like Colin and Alonzo - only wears his Crocs 90% of the time... I'm sure we'd be having services if a pair of his was lost. Kisses to the boys. I know they're feeling sad.

Susan said...


OH ´man! I didn't know that could happen on escalators. I don't have a pair of crocs yet, but thinking about it. We are going to DC in the fall. Staying with some friends, would love to hear any tips you have. Take care!

The Right Blue said...

Well that's kind of scary! Glad to know that no one was injured, but STILL! Sheesh.

Be careful out there. You never know where the real hazards are!


Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

Oh my that photo sent shivers down my spine...

I thought that this only happened in Jakarta!!!!!

I have an irrational fear of escalators which is now much worse.

I use escalators here but never a maintenance at all!

I can't wait to hear all about Germany!!!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful time in the States!!!!

M3 said...

I've seen signs on escalators that say you shouldn't wear flip flops and crocs... but two in a row!