Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bubble Drink

I found these weird drinks at the grocery store the other day. Even though the only thing I want floating in my drinks is ice I bought them for the kids. Hey they were cheap and cool looking! When they came home I gave them these drinks along with string cheese for a snack.

Alonzo (usually my picky eater) "Mom buy this again! I like it."

Colin (usually will eat anything) "Yuck! Can I put it in the fridge for Daddy?"

Grayson (the baby) drank half, poured the rest out to get to the bubbles inside, then cried because he didn't have anything left to drink.

Here is what I found out:
1. The drinks aren't carbonated, don't know why I thought they were.
2. The "bubbles" are firm and solid, not liquid filled.
3. They are really hard to sweep up. They stick to the floor, the broom, and your feet.
4. If you step on one it feels gross!
5. There is no way Daddy is going to taste Colin's drink, it's still sitting in the fridge.


Dalton said...

that looks like alot of fun, i will wait for the drinks to come to South Africa maybe it will be in time for my kids to buy it for their kids :-) then they can blog about it!
Happy WW

Bunny Trails said...

LOL!! That's funny! I would've done the same thing for my boys. How completely weird though, for the bubbles to be firm! I'm with you on "only ice" in my beverage. And lots of it. :D

Jae said...

Ewww! What the heck IS it? Juice?? Straight up sugar? I don't blame Colin ... I'd be putting it back too!