Monday, January 14, 2008

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Tonight I asked the 7 year old to sweep up a mess in the dining room. This simple request brought on a angry monologue that ended with David and I giggling and the kids looking at us like we were slightly crazy, maybe more than slightly. It went like this:

"Alonzo would you sweep that up?" Mom asked.

"Why do I have to sweep the floor? Why me? Why always Alonzo Alonzo Alonzo?! Why not Cody Cody Cody! Cody sweep the floor! Why always Alonzo Alonzo Alonzo!!!!" Alonzo yelled.

(To be fair Cody was washing dishes at the time)

Mom looked at Dad, Dad looked at Mom. "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!" Mom and Dad giggled together.

This was met with dead silence. All the boys looked at each other. Alonzo finally just swept the floor because his parents are both nuts and he was afraid to draw any further attention to himself.

Who needs sitcoms? We have kids, it's a new show everyday.

**None of the boys (except maybe Dakota) have ever heard of the Brady Bunch much less watched the Marsha episode.


Jae said...

Oh that is hilarious!! I remember that episode clearly - probably could recite several lines from it too (beyond the Marsha Marsha Marsha part). Poor Alonzo... why is it always him?! ;) ;) ;)

Jenn said...

You guys are so mean, I'm sure poor little Alonzo has to do evveerryyything! Be sure to tell him that I didn't have a Mom who could cook growing up or a Dwi to cook amazing and interesting food for me. No, I got ramen (that I cooked myself, and then cleaned up myself as well)...right after I did all my other chores. He should be thankful for the small chores he has to do in payment for the life he has. I used to walk to school in the snow too! HA

Terio said...

Holy Crap! Youwoiuld think Jenn was raised by wolves and left to fend for herself! I wsa simply teaching self reliance: and look how well she turned out. I have not seen that episode but I will do a little TV Land surfing. David and Shannon, TV Land is this GREAT cable channel that we get that plays ALL the oldies but goodies! MEOW!

Jenn said...

I was close to raised by wolves...I definitely had to fend for myself. I can recall nice summer afternoons visiting TX when I would say aloud,
"hmm, I wonder what we'll eat for dinner tonight??" And then Shannon would respond, "Well I was thawing out some (insert favorite meat here) to make (insert absolutely amazing gourmet meal here). I thought we could whip up some (insert wonderful and always creamy treat here) for dessert!" Me~"Oh, ok sounds great. Do you need help?"
Shannon ~ "No you should go play with the kids & have fun!"
Now, when I was growing up....
Me~"Hey Mom what's for dinner?"
Mom~"Whatever you make.
Me~"We don't have any groceries..."
Mom~"Take my bank card & go grocery shopping then. What do I look like?"


Terio said...

When Jennifer was yunger, I enrolled her in a creative writing class; I never dreamed it would come back to haunt me! BUt at least it was money well spent!

Shannon said...

I am glad to know you that the money you spent on writing classes has paid off. Personally I think Jenn is trying to butter me up so I will make gnocci and melted fudge cake this summer at the reunion. Fat Chance. She is getting bakwan, nasi goreng, and kare ayam with psiang goreng for dessert just like everyone else. I want to know what she is cooking when it is her turn.

Jenn said...

Hey I like exotic & different foods. Like spam, rice, portugese sausage & scrambled eggs...which is what I will be making for my meal this summer. (But I mean if Shannon wants to make gnocci & melted fudge cake, I'll eat that too!!)