Sunday, December 9, 2007


This weekend we were very happy to have Wolfie from Alonzo's class visit our family. Alonzo had a lot of fun doing things with Wolfie and writing about it in Wolfie's Journal. Wolfie visits each student in Ms. Wolff's class. Each student then writes an entry in Wolfie's special journal so the rest of the class can share in his adventures. We were a little sad that David wasn't here to meet Wolfie but perhaps he will visit the school someday soon and introduce himself to Wolfie.

Here Alonzo and Wolfie read some of the older entries in Wolfie's Journal made by his other friends from school.

Wolfie kept Alonzo company while he practiced piano. Alonzo is working on a special song to surprise his Dad when he comes back home next weekend. He is getting pretty good.

Wolfie joined us for dinner, one of Alonzo's favorites, Southwest bean soup and cornbread with butter and honey. Wolfie was careful not to let his paws get all sticky from the honey.

Wolfie even slept with Alonzo in his bunk bed. He thinks it is very comfortable and cool to sleep up so high.

Wolfie didn't want Colin to feel left out so he spent a little time in his bed too. Alonzo didn't even know he was gone. Wolfie can be very quiet.

Wolfie introduced himself to our cats but the cats weren't sure what to think about him. He looks a little like the German shepherd next door that is always trying to eat them. Fluffy did finally decide that Wolfie was OK, for a canine.

Alonzo discovered a small hole just above Wolfie's tail so I performed minor surgery. All is well now but Wolfie found this to be a hair raising experience.

We would like to thank Wolfie for his visit. We all enjoyed it very much. He is always welcome at our home.


David said...

Alonzo, I am glad you had a good weekend you’re your friend Wolfie. It looks like you had a lot of fun with him. I really like the picture of him when Mom mentioned his operation. It was so good of you to notice that he needed to be fixed. I am looking forward to reading your journal entry when I get home ~ Dad

Terio said...

WOW! How lucky you are to have such a great friend like Wolfie! I loved how Wolfie watched you practice the piano! And the picture of Wolfie sleeping with you was awesome! I am also glad tht Wolfie got to sleep with Colin as well! What a thoughtful Wolfie! I am glad you had such a good visit with Wolfie!

Terio said...

I changed my mind: After looking at all the pictures again, i like the one with fluffy the best! Fluffy isn't afraid of Wolfie; Wolfie better be afraid of Fluffy!!! MEOW!

Autumn said...

That was very cute. I love the picture with the cat. LOL Poor kitty.