Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day of Pampering: Part 2

Lest you think that Mom has all the fun, the boys got their chance at being pampered today.

Today was a short day at school so they were home by 11:30. I loaded them into the van and headed off to Kemang for haircuts. Not just any haircuts but haircuts while watching Tom and Jerry, each on their own private video screen, a shampoo, a toy AND a coloring book with colors to take home when we were done. All three boys 165,000rp (less than $20). Some things you just gotta love about Jakarta!

There goes Colin's hair! Look at that pile of hair in his lap, and there was more on the floor. By the time they finished with all three boys it looked like someone had shaved a golden retriever, there was so much blond hair on the floor.

"Ohhh, that feels good! Mom should bring us here to get our hair washed all the time!" Even Grayson sat to have his hair shampooed with out screaming. If Alonzo and Colin did it then it is good enough for him. He never wants to be left out.

Here's the after shot, don't we look handsome?

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Terio said...

They look so dang cute...little men! Where are my little boys? These are like little army men! But I do love a military man!