Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Not so Wordless Wednesday - Dave's New/Old Toy

Last week was Spring Break - 10 days of kid free-for-all with very little house cleaning.  Sometime during the fun I managed to catch a cold. During the day it wasn't too bad, just the sniffles and the occasional cough, nothing major.  In fact I'm still not totally sure it's a cold, and not some sort of allergy. It hit just when the haze rolled back in killing our ocean view.  Maybe there is something in the haze my body doesn't like, plus nobody else is sick which makes me think allergy, not cold.  So during the day it isn't bad, but at night as soon as I lay down the coughing starts.  It's this horrible tickle in the throat that just won't stop that makes me cough and cough.  It makes falling asleep almost impossible, and it wakes me up over and over.  For more than a week now I have been existing on 2-3 hours of cough interrupted sleep.  Needless to say I have turned into a slug.  The house looks like a pack of hyenas have moved in.  Today I am cleaning the mess. So fun.  I hope I don't find any hyenas hiding out in the kids room.  Or spiders.

Ok enough whining.  With no further ado here is the Wordless Wednesday photo:
Dave's New/ Old toy.

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