Thursday, June 20, 2013

What else can we blow up?

This is what I heard my husband say to the kids shortly after the trucks left carrying all our wordily possessions.  Sometime during the last few days of packing we found a stash of fireworks leftover from New Year's Eve.  Can't exactly ship those, so what else is there to do except to run right out into the backyard and set them off immediately.  Apparently just making big bangs is far too boring, it is much more fun to blow things up.  Sadly everything is packed and on the back of a truck going down the road somewhere so there rally isn't much to blow up.  They are down to blowing up empty plastic water bottles.  Yes, we are such good examples for our budding pyromaniacs.


Anonymous said...

blowing things up is always a good idea. ALWAYS!

Maybe not glass though. Or anything metal. Shrapnel can get pretty annoying.

Monica said...

let's keep this a secret from m., okay? ;o)

Shannon said...

Monica, no problem. Trust me you couldn't buy these things in the states. Scary fireworks.