Monday, August 9, 2010


Poor David. He spent the entire day convinced that he left his cell phone at the Washington Monument. When we went up to the top this morning they told us to put all cell phones, cameras and other electronic equipment in the basket to be x-rayed. He picked up his backpack from the basket and forgot his phone. We were at Arlington Cemetery before he remembered about the phone. He ransacked his backpack and then my backpack. Finally he used my phone to call his hoping it was in some pocket in his pack that he missed. No ringing from his bag and no one answered the phone where ever it was. So on the way home he got off the Metro at the Smithsonian to stop at the Monument and retrieve his phone while the rest of us went on to the hotel. The park staff told him that there was no phone. He insisted he had left his phone there this morning and they needed to check again. Finally he pulled out my phone and called his phone fully expecting to have the phone ring inside the screening area of the monument. Instead all he heard was his giggling wife calling him a dork. I found the phone ringing on the end table in our suite just as I walked into our suite. David had the fun of apologizing to the park staff for insisting they had his phone. Good thing he can laugh at himself!

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Connie said...

I'm sure anyone of the staff at the monument who owned a cellphone(!!), would be sympathetic! Glad you guys found it!