Monday, January 25, 2010

Stump the Cook, Malawi Style

I am addicted to NPR. Since I am in Germany I can't just tune in to 89.1 like I did back home. However, thanks to modern technology, I can download podcasts of my favorite shows. One of my favorite shows is Splendid Table, a really cool cooking show I like to listen to when I am cooking dinner. At one point in the show the host, Lynn Rosetto Kasper, plays a game show called "Stump the Cook." A caller names five ingredients they really have in their kitchen then Lynn has to create a dish they would actually eat.

The episode I was listening to tonight originally aired on January 9th. The caller for the stump the cook segment was calling from Malawi. No seriously she really was! Not only that she was a peace corps volunteer who had no fridge and would be cooking over an open flame. Tough challenge for Lynn, but she pulled it off. What I really want to know is if she is some place that has no fridge and not stove, how is it that she had a phone to call the states, and how is she listening to the Splendid Table?


David said...

Things that make you go Hmmm. I didn't even think about how she made teh call. I would bet Skype. As for the flame...hmmm perhaps that is what you will get for a stove. LOL

Jakarta Rocks said...

We have an internet radio/ipod player/alarm clock next to our bed. It works with the wifi from the house that we have on at all times. Afer a few months we added Bose surround sound.

So now we wake up to Australian radio every morning. No "blah, blah, jabber, nonsense, selemat pugi" in fast talk that used to scare the crap out of me. We even have it on during the day (loudly of course).

It's a really good investment - got it at singapore airport - but you could get at that really big department store above Mcdonalds.

Cuts down on feeling isolated. But it's probably how she could ring up in real time and make the request (so although she doesn't have a stove she has a $500 radio and internet.

Or is doesn't the 89 have a internet broadcast?

Anonymous said...

Or, she could have been in the capital visiting PC headquarters, but she's usually out in the village w/o electricity! I think the previous comments are prob right though.
I'm going to have to look for that broadcast!

Shannon said...

You should be able to just click the button on the splendid table link below and it will skip straight to the stump the cook segment. That is of course if I did the link right.

Monica said...

who knows. maybe i will be hearing you on stump the cook in about a year. ;o)

Shannon said...

@Jakarta Rocks the station does broadcast on the net and I do stream it sometimes but the time difference means that my favorite shows are often on while I am asleep. Also the internet in Malawi is supposed to be slow, really really slow.
BTW I love the pictures of your Italian vacation, I think you have it right visit the snow, don't live with it!

@Monica-Not bloody likely! LOL!