Sunday, October 25, 2009

Soup For Dinner--Curried Lentil Soup

I have been a lazy blogger. Actually I have been a busy Mom. The kids have been on fall break for two weeks which means I have been busy chasing kids and cleaning up messes. On top of that we have hosted two birthday parties this month, been hiking with the cub scouts, sold sodas at Applefest with the cub scouts, and painted pumpkins up at the feildhouse all in addition to the normal cooking/cleaning/shopping/laundry/scout meetings that make up daily life. In short we have stayed pretty busy this month. Today is the last day of fall break. We are hanging out relaxing in our jammies and watching a Scooby Doo marathon on Boomerang, everyone except or Cody that is, he is working on homework since his school didn't have fall break. Poor baby!

I have continued with the weekly soup night although it hasn't fallen on the same night each week. Since my last post we tried the Curried Lentil Soup suggested by Planet Nomad in my comments from the last soup post. YUM! It rocked. Alonzo, who is my picky eater, took one bite and announced, "This one is a do-over." YAY! No complaints and it was even better the second day. I was so busy eating I forgot to take a picture. Darn it all! Guess that means I will just have to make it again. If you want to try it for yourself just click here.


Danny said...

did you do the soup as is or did you change some things around a bit?

Shannon said...

I pretty much followed the recipe exactly, the only changes I made were to make sure the onions were diced very small and sautéed about 5 minutes before adding the rest of the vegetables so the onions would be extra tender and not be noticed by my picky eaters and I used petite diced tomatoes instead of regular cut again to try to keep the peace with the picky.
I would have preferred it just a little spicier and might have added a pinch more cayenne if it weren’t for the kids. When I heated it the next day I topped it with some lite sour cream and that was good too.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked it! I made it last week myself. I usually add more spices and extra veggies--like sweet potatoes, red peppers, whatever I've got. I also made cheese drop biscuits with it and they were an unqualified hit!

Anonymous said...

Hmm sounds yummy :) glad you are having a terrific time with your kids.

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