Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last Day of School - Part 2

Friday the 19th was Dakota's last day of school.  He is now finished with 11th grade and on to his senior year.  Just one more year before he is done with school.  How did that happen?  

In time honored fashion he greeted the end of the school year with a party.  After school he and his compadres went to some place in Oberursel called the Brew Haus.  Yes I love Germany where my baby can buy beer legally.  Anyway in due course they showed up at our house as far as I could tell all were sober so that was a good start!  They hung around outside for awhile playing football (American football, not soccer) and being teenagers.  I am sure my neighbors were loving me.  Ha! They did come inside around 9 so they weren't out there making noise too late.  

Inside they ate tacos, cake, went through 4 boxes of soda and a whole lotta chips. They watched several movies and basically acted like teenagers. I spent much of this time banished to some out of the way corner so as not to embarrass Dakota. Actually I spent most of the time in my little office under the stairs instant messaging with David who is STILL in Saudi. That way I was out of the way but still able to keep an eye on things. Hey I was a teenager once!

Busted! Dakota spotted me hanging out the window taking pictures of the party. Don't worry that's not a real tattoo. After the Brew Haus the gang headed to the Zeil in downtown Frankfurt where a bunch them got airbrush tattoos.

Maybe he should have taken ballet instead of violin all these years. Look at that form he is a natural!

Teenagers in their natural environment just hanging out!

Just another picture of Dakota and his friends.


Watching a movies, the rest of the kids are eating (see above picture).

Everybody say CHEESE! 


Susan said...

looks like the kids had a great time! Already summertime? Poor german kids have another 3 weeks to go!

Monica said...

YOU are the cool mom indeed. ;o) miss ya,