Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wii Caved!

For many years, and much to the kid's disgust, ours has been a gaming free house.  While I had no general objection to the kids playing video games at other people's houses, I simply wouldn't let a game system in our house.  I don't like how gaming seems to isolate kids, encouraging them to spend hours lost in cyberspace instead of interacting with the rest of the family.

However after months of German winter weather, trapped inside with the kids, playing innumerable games of Candyland and Uno we have finally entered the modern age of gaming.  We bought a Wii.  I have to admit, I don't hate it.  We spent the entire afternoon all in the same room, playing together, without any fighting and limited whining.  Miraculous! Now Momma wants Wii Fit for Mother's Day. Oh Yeah!

We sent the kids to buy a soda at the feild house while we set up the game. The kids were a little suspicious but went anyway because I think this may be the first time ever we have sent them to buy a soda. When they returned they found Mom and Dad deep in a game of Wii Bowling.

Dad Bowls a split.

Mom bowls a strike!

Mom Wins! WooHoo!

Cody gives Grayson lessons on Wii bowling. 
Alonzo and Colin await their turn.


Terio said...

YEA!! I am so glad that you got one! KEvin and I really had fun playing the Wii at Jennifers!

Brenda said...

The Wii is great! I love ours and the Wii fit is fantastic. We also have DDR for our Wii, that's fun!

Kate Husband said...

Guess what Doug got for his birthday on Friday!