Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I never tire of watching it snow. Seriously no matter what I should be doing, snow falling means that I have a cup of something hot (tea, decaf, gluhwien, cider, cocoa, whatever!) and am curled up on the couch watching the snow flakes drift about completely ignoring all responsibility. I just love the snow. I know I have complained unendingly about being cold so this is crazy, but falling snow is beautiful. Especially if I am inside all warm and toasty.

Last night when I went to bed it was snowing, big beautiful flakes drifting quietly in the lights outside. I woke up this morning, and just like the kids raced to the window, yanked the curtain open expecting to see lovely clean white snow. What did I see? Rain! Cold nasty rain. It is perhaps a degree above freezing. Just warm enough that my dreams of snow are melting away in mud puddles along with last night's snow.


Jenn said...

Awww, I'm sorry. I wish we could see it snow but, like you, we only have rain clouds. Yucky nasty rain. Unlike you, we are warm and sticky (thanks to the rain). Either way rain is not positive! Maybe the snow will return, how long is winter in Germany?

Susan said...

Oh, don't you know, I feel the pain. I had hopes of being able to use that sled just one more time??? This is when I really miss Colorado....the beautiful snow!

Brenda said...

I too enjoy the snow. We have not had a whole lot of snow this year, though. It has however been very cold. Snow is very beautiful, when everything is white and the snowflakes are falling, it makes things seem so peaceful. Although I like the snow, I am ready for it to be spring.