Monday, January 12, 2009

Go Away Murphy!

Murphy's law has been on overdrive around here lately.  You the law: "If anything can go wrong it will!"

We bought the kids sleds just in time for it to warm up and all the snow in the mountains to melt away.  It stayed that way right through the Christmas break.  The day Cody and Grayson had to go back to school we awoke to a winter wonderland, beautiful snow everywhere.  This is Germany though so there was no snow day and off they went to school.  We promised the kids that we would go sledding this weekend as long as the snow held out.  

It is a week later and that beautiful snow is still here and from my window up high still looks beautiful (up close though you realize that we have far to many dogs here as the snow is riddled with yellow spots, ewwww!) Did we go sledding this weekend?  Nope! Murphy came to visit in the form of a stomach bug.  David spent most of the weekend flat on his back in bed alternating with frantic runs to the bathroom.  By late Sunday afternoon the cramps had eased off and today he is back at work.  Poor baby!  

Today ALL the kids are back at school today.  The Christmas decorations are coming down today and a thorough house cleaning is in order this week.  Winter is still young and I am sure Murphy will move on to someone else's house (sorry if it is your house!) and we will get the sledding trip soon. 


Nancy M. said...

Sorry y'all didn't get to go sledding like you wanted. And very sorry about the stomach bug! I really hate those. Here's to better luck for you!

Terio said...

I hope the others don't get that bug because it usually gets all family members! I hope it doesn't though. BTW, what kind of heat do you guys have? I have been watching about the pipeline situation...