Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Market Day

The kids have no school for two weeks because of fall break. Keeping them busy is a bit of a challenge. This morning's entertainment consisted of a trip to the Tuesday Dornbush Farmer's Market to pick up some fruit and flowers. I gave each of the kids two euro and reminded them to use their German and to mind their manners. They ran up and down looking at every thing and talking very loudly. I drew a few disapproving glances from some older people but most just seemed amused, or maybe they were glad they weren't me. Could be both. Eventually Alonzo bought a purple carrot and a small pumpkin while Colin bought a tomato and a small pumpkin. They each have a little change left and are looking forward to going to the market next Tuesday.

*Alonzo won't let me peel and slice the carrot until Dad gets home. I try to post some pictures of the purple carrot.
**Grayson DOES have school, and Cody is still off hiking in Spain, so I only took Alonzo and Colin.

UPDATE: Purple carrots are purple and orange. They stain your fingers purple when you slice them. They taste just like carrots, David thinks they are sweeter than regular carrots. We will be buying more 'cause they are cool!

Cody made it home safe and sound late this afternoon. He can no longer say he has never seen snow. Apparently snow was cool for about 10 minutes, then it was just plain cold and wet.

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EastCoastLife said...

The purple carrots look cool! I hope to find some in Singapore supermarket!