Friday, June 6, 2008

Spirit Week Day 5--Rock Star/Bling Bling Day

This week is spirit week at JIS Pattimura. In Texas spirit week was always the week of homecoming football game.  Here they seem to think soccer is football?!? And as far as I know there isn't a homecoming game.  Guess we aren't in Texas anymore, Toto.  

They are celebrating spirit week the last full week of school. It adds some fun to a rather sad time of year.  International schools have a much more mobil population that your average school in the states, so the kids all know many of their friends will not be back next year. So far my kids have been respectable, time traveling, pajama wearing, funky kids.  Today they are rock stars, complete with a little San Antonio Spurs Bling Bling. 

Now I just have to say my babies look just adorable all gothed out. That isn't something I thought I would ever say as a parent, but really it is too cute. In case you are wondering Colin's hair is still spiked from yesterday, he even slept in it and it stayed spike. The only thing I did to it this morning was to put a little gel right on the very tips of the spikes and twist it back to a point.

As you can see from the background we have been busy getting ready for the move to Europe. The movers here are efficient, POLITE, organized and creative. The creativity has led to some interesting boxes. Can you guess what might be in these boxes?  


Jae said...

Nice Ms. Shannon! No showers, no bath ... and hair, gorgeous! You gotta love it!!

paul said...

I am going to say a car seat and David for the boxes.

Terio said...

Cat tree