Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Food

I was cleaning out a few of the 1000s of messages in my e-mail inbox this morning when I found this e-mail I sent to David back in October. It was so funny I had to share. Hope you enjoy!

Dwi cooked.  She made chicken cordon blue, sort of.  When I came in she showed me what she was making and asked if I knew what it was.  After a glance I said chicken cordon blue.  She glowed!  I recognized her attempt at western cooking so it must be pretty close.  Normally it has ham and swiss cheese tucked inside chicken.  Tonight it had cheddar and Oscar Meyer salami in chicken.  It actually was pretty good, salty, cheesy, and crispy on the outside, but I think I understand why chinese people say Americanized "Chinese" food isn't Chinese!

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BNS said...

Great story. Here's to cross-cultural experiences, for better or for worse!