Friday, February 1, 2008

Grayson Strikes Again

Today I (almost) finished my very first ever crocheted blanket. I made it for Grayson to replace his beat up baby blanket. I finished stitching and was working on weaving in the loose ends when the phone rang. It was raining hard. David was calling to tell me to send Ibu Dwi and Pak Haryono home. Parts of Jakarta were flooding and he didn't want them to be stuck at work. He is such a great guy!

Grayson was watching Playhouse Disney and playing with his bristle blocks so I stepped around the corner into a different room where I could hear better, leaving the newly finished blanket spread across the floor where I had been working. This is where I made the first mistake. I left a 3 year old in the room with my hand work unsupervised. Of course all the tools I had been using were also in the room. Tools like crochet hooks and SCISSORS.

After I assured Dave I would send them home, I bragged about having finally finished Grayson's blanket. I told him how I was going to have it finished for nap time today. I even told him how I was going to take a picture and blog about how I finally finished the blanket (I have only been working on it since August) Mistake number 2: tempting fate.

I peeked around the corner to check on the kiddo, and there he was scissors in hand sitting on the blanket. He smiled angelically and announced, "I helping Mommy, I helping." At this point my husband was treated to an ear shattering scream, "NOOOOOOOOO! NO NO NO NO NOOOOO!" Grayson had cut off the remaining loose ends that had not been woven in yet and in the process cut several holes in the newly finished blanket.

Maybe an expert could have fixed the holes so they didn't show too much. I, unfortunately am a rank amateur when it comes to crochet so I just made it worse. While I was trying to mend a hole in the middle somewhere a cut thread at the edge gave and the thing began to split in half. Finally I decided the only thing left to do is unwind it and start over. Grayson is watching me unwind his blanket. He keeps petting it and asking "My blanket, mine?" I am not sure who is sadder me or Grayson.

**Dave took the picture after I had undone nearly half of it. It used to be much bigger. SIGH!

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Terio said...

You could have made two litle blankets, say for some cats love blankets! Bobb is always Kneading my blanket!