Monday, November 12, 2007

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is that day of the year we stop to remember those who have served to protect our great nation. Please take a moment out of your busy day to remember those who chose to serve and protect. When you see a man or women in uniform please shake his or her hand and just say “thank you”. That is all they need to hear. In the six years that I spent on active duty and the six years I spent in the reserves I can’t remember a single time that anyone ever uttered those words.

All of those that served and wonder this way…“Thank you”. For all of those who had a family member serve and made the ultimate sacrifice…”God be with you”.

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Jennifer said...

Guess it was a different time when you served, Uncle. People thank me all the time for Daddy & for Joey. It's always nice to hear & it makes me cry! Thanks to you Uncs! (Even tho Veterans Day was a week ago!)