Thursday, November 29, 2007

Out the Window of a Plane

David and I were on a plane Tuesday when I glanced out the window and saw mountains. I had my usual reaction, being from relatively flat south central Texas, "Hey Cool! Look at the mountains." I am a bit of a mountain junkie.  I am waiting to stand on my first "real" mountain.  I have been to the Smokey Mountains, Big Bend, and of course the Texas Hill country.  All are rugged and beautiful but they are not "real" mountains.  I want towering cliffs, glaciers, snow capped peaks.  The Rockies, the Andes, the Himalayas, the Alps. You know REAL mountains. 

After pressing my face to the window like a 8 year old I said, "They look like volcanoes, look that one even looks like it's smoking.  

Dave said sorta slow, like maybe I'm not that smart, "Umm babe, it is smoking."

GULP!  Is it really a good idea to fly over a smoking volcano??  


Aprille said...

Wow! Really cool! I've never even seen a volcano that I know of.

Terio said...

That is the right way to mark the 40th year of your birth!! Happy Birthday, Shannon! I hope had a great birthday!!!

M3 said...

Nice shot from the plane! Happy B-day Shannon.

Matt Marlowe