Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bid List Top 5

Okay after reading hundreds of pages of post reports and educational reports on schools. Shannon and I have finally narrowed down our top five choices for our next assignment. The number one spot was the easiest because we had done plenty of research on this post and already knew that if it were on the list it would be number one. Our number four choice was a surprise to both Shannon and me. At first glance when you look at the list there seems to be a lot of really cool places. But it is not until you do the research that you find that some of the cool places would be neat to visit but not to live, at least for us. Drum Roll Please…..

1. The Hague, Netherlands
2. Vienna, Austria
3. Berlin, Germany
4. Taipei, Taiwan
5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

As you can see from the comments on the previous post, no one told us what they thought our top five would be. Well two people did e-mail me to let me know what they thought. They were Danny (one of my older brothers) and Aprille (one of my younger sisters). I was quite disappointed in the response to our informal survey. Below is what each e-mailed me.

Danny: The Hague, Vienna, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Frankfurt
Aprille: The Hague, Vienna, Santiago, Geneva, Toronto.
I did no research on this, just chose places I'd like to visit!

And the winner is … Danny, he got three of our top five! If he makes it to our next post I will take him out and buy him a beer.

Thank you to everyone who participated… Oh! I guess that would just be Danny and Aprille.

Thanks guys.

Now all we have left to do is rank number 6 through 20 :(


Terio said...

3 and 4??? What are you all thinking?! I would have said 1, 2 and 5 but I would have for my choices, in top order as:
1. The Hague
2. Buenos Aires
3. Geneva
4. Lima
5. Vienna

Better late than never. Good Luck with the next 15!

David said...

See you could have tied with Danny and both of you could have received a beer. So whats your problem with Berlin?

Aprille said...

So David, what is the time line for finding out where you are going next?