Friday, July 6, 2007

Here Comes Santa Claus...Indiana that is!

We stayed in a king size camper at Lake Rudolph and we could hear the roller coasters from our kitchen table! We arrived at the park around noon and we hit it hard. We headed straight for the Raven as there wasn't a huge line. We got up to the top, almost, and they closed it. Hummmm...

Alonzo was tall enough to ride almost all the rides but was chicken. Colin who wanted to go on everything couldn't because, sadly, he is too short! He was upset! But we headed over to Splashin' Safari and all was forgiven. The entire park was made for Colin. He could ride everything, and he did. Poor Ashley! But to Alonzo's credit, he did go on most of the water rides. At the top of the World's tallest Water Slide, Alonzo begged to go back down but mean ol Terio said no way!! He went down and said "I do not wish to ride that again." Our night in the camper with 2 other family's was interesting and fun. And Ashley and I froze! About 15 minutes after lights out, we heard load thud from the back of the camper and then a wail. I knew right away it was Colin. 8 Hours and 10 stitches later, JUST KIDDING!

He wimpered and was back asleep in seconds. Needless to say, he went right between Jacob and Bobby! The next morning as we were waiting for everyone to get up and going (Colin and Alonzo had been up for awhile) Ashley and I were sitting at the table and she happened to look out and see Alonzo going into the camper next door. I looked and sure enough, there he was, standing in the camper with two little boys looking and talking to him. I shot out the door and headed over there and I knocked on the door an about that time, here comes whom I can only assume was the two boys dad. I am sure he wondered what I was doing talking to his boys, holding Alonzo's hand. He smiled and I smiled and Alonzo cried. Boy did he get scolded! Of course the draw for Alonzo was theboys toy guns! The day was great and the weather HOT, HOT, HOT. and what comes with hot, humid weather but mean thunderstorms! And boy did we get hit! I have never heard a kid scream as load and long as Colin. He could have been the voice in any B-Movie thriller. Anyway, we made it home extrely wet. Our next big thing was "When is Uncle Kevin getting home?"

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KJ said...

Great pictures!! Wow have the boys grown up!!!