Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Take your cat and your dad to school

Nope that's not a happy cat!!!! Colin's class is finishing a unit on pets. The students were invited to take their pets to school. Each day was assigned a different type of pet:

Thursday Mechanical Pets” – Tamagotchis etc.
Friday – “Pretend Pets” – stuffed animals etc.
Monday – “Small Pets” – hamsters, turtles, fish etc.
Tuesday – “Big Pets” – dogs, cats, monkeys etc.

Yes it says MONKEYS! YIKES!!! Chalk that up as a you just don't see that back home kinda thing! (although I didn't see any monkeys at the school) Today I loaded a pissed off cat into the van and tried to explain to a confused driver that I wanted to take the cat to school, not to the veterinarian. I'm not sure Pak Haryono understands WHY we drove the cat to school, but we made it. The kids enjoyed seeing our cat. I think many were surprised at his size. He is a typical spoiled, overweight (15 lbs!), American housecat. Indonesian street cats tend to be small, skinny, shy and for some reason most don't have long tails. Colin stood up and told the class about his cat and then answered questions. “How long have you had him? Does he really sleep with you? How old is Bing?” Really cute!

It was also take your dad to school day. Colin got to take his dad to school and show him all about what he has learned in computer lab. For this task dad had to be the student and Colin the teacher. They used a drawing program and Colin had to walk his dad through the step of duplicating a baby robot. Colin had to do this without touch the mouse, keyboard, or screen. After they accomplished this task they had some free time to draw picture of each other. Below is the picture they drew.

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