Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Bat

Every evening when we go outside we get to see nature close up and personal. It is either the lone toad that you almost step on or the many cicaks scurrying along the wall or on the house. But the coolest thing we get to see are all of the bats. It is not like in Texas where we see a few flying by the house at dusk. It is more like the old tunnel toned down. We have a tile roof on our carport and the bats have taken a liken to it, so every night at dusk we get to sit under the carport and have the little bats fly around our heads just inches away eating bugs or heading out in search of fruit. The other night we got to see one land in one of the trees, so I ran to get my camera. I ran fast thinking that it would fly, but fortunately for me he was not the shy type. He “hung around” for a good five minutes for me to take some pictures. I hope y'all enjoy the one I have posted here.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I certainly hope that the carport has a window from which I can watch these "lovely" creatures from behind glass! YUCK! I hate bats!