Sunday, April 1, 2007

April Fools Day!! but this entry is no joke

Art Auction

Today Dave and I went to our first ever art auction. We bid on two pictures and won one. Our winning bid is on a typical street scene of Jakarta with a bajaj and kaki lima carts. It was my choice. I really wanted a piece that shows the Jakarta I know from living here. The one that got away was a large picture of a field worker coming in from the rice fields. It was David’s choice. It was truly a beautiful piece but very quickly was out of our price range. We have decided to hang on to the money we didn’t spend and perhaps go to the next art auction at Sidharta Art in early May.

Blog Problems

We are having some technical problems with the blog. It was missing entirely for a couple of weeks (at least we couldn’t access it here in Jakarta) now we are missing blog entries, they have disappeared into the great unknown. So we will try to solve this mystery and at the same time there will be some changes to this website. Sometime over the next few months we should at long last get some picture galleries up and try to archive older entries.

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KJ said...

I like this! :)

Lovely picture too!

Miss & love y'all!

Karrie, Abby & baby!!! :)